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home nursing service ernakulam

We at Life Care understand that handling a child involves special care as well as the right experience and this can be very well managed with the services of a trained professional in our life care consultancy,keralaLife Care nurses are well experienced in child care and elder care service ernakulam and we can offer guidance and advice that a mother truly needs.

With the emergence of the nuclear family structure, and the absence of the older members of the family at home, mothers often miss out on a much needed, fountain of knowledge support system. New mothers are generally nervous of whether they are fully equipped to provide the new baby all the care and support that the new born deserves.


Our Life Care caregivers can provide various services for child care such as:

  • Bath and general hygiene
  • Massage
  • Regular feeding at intervals
  • Laundry
  • Support for the mother
  • Babysitting

At Life Care, proper care of the child is our first priority and our nurses are specially trained to understand every need of the child and to provide much-needed support to the mother. With our expertise, you can be assured that your child will get the love and concern it deserves.Our Life Care nurses also do elder care service ernakulam.


home nursing service ernakulam

Taking care of elderly parents, grandparents or any other close family member is not an easy task, especially when it comes to their health.Life Care Consultancy takes a special care on elderly people through elder care service ernakulam. Ensuring that all their needs are taken care of, in terms of their health and well-being, can be complicated and can only be done with adequately trained and professional home health care services and support.We have the well qualified and trained nurses for elder care service ernakulam.

We at Life Care’s elder care service ernakulam have specially designed health care package for Geriatric care involves providing continuous support to the elderly, physically and emotionally in their own homes, with the help of regular assessments performed by senior registered nurses and other clinically trained staff. These are efficiently documented, and made available, to the clients and their medical team – updated with the latest health information/developments on the condition of our geriatric clients.